Say what you will about me.

What I’ve been or done.
---Call me a has-been.
Too nostalgic but too soon to be retro-cool.
Tell me I have an “image problem”.

I don’t care anymore. What matters is I’m here.

To stay.
Get used to it.

{ indie 616 rp for Marvel's alison blaire. tracking tag: #lightengale}

contracts multiverse filings
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alison blaire | DAZZLER | 100 / ∞ (marvel) flower series 

dandelion ‘coquetry, happiness, faithfulness, joy, new beginnings’ | jessamine: ‘transient joy, traveller, euphoria’ | dew plant: ‘serenade’ | oak: ‘bravery, humanity, independence’"—

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why cant i keep more than one blog afloat

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i want to do more things on alison but
a) my lorna account is like way more popular
b) i have no drafts. like n o n e

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jj + on the jet

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   ”How dare you. Every chance we had at being friends has just gone down the drain.”

      ’— I mean, they’re lamps but
            they barely make any light
             it’s like a mockery. lasers
              are far cooler.‘

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lightengale, seriaduxderpspawn, pleasantcountenance & thelastsunofkrypton

   ”Bam! Lava lamps!”

      ’ aren’t lava lamps 
        a bit tacky ? ‘

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DAZZLER PIN-UP By Rurik Tyler (1992)


DAZZLER PIN-UP By Rurik Tyler (1992)

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         Holy shit.
     You’re famous.

               —Like a tiny bit,
                     yeah. And you’re
                              star struck.

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[CM characters over the years] : Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau 

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            ” you caught me. “

     Alison stated with a little laugh, pulling
     her blonde fringe over her eyes as if
     to divert attention away from herself.

                 The efforts one would go to avoid
                  detection, from raging fans and
                  S.H.I.E.L.D. But she needed to 
                  get away from Canada and Scott’s
                  school before she did something 
                  drastic like— god forbid — she cut
                  her hair.

    ” can’t a girl go outside nowadays
      without being hounded by the press? “

           She replied jokingly, as if the bugle
           would be interested in such washed up act

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