Say what you will about me.

What I’ve been or done.
---Call me a has-been.
Too nostalgic but too soon to be retro-cool.
Tell me I have an “image problem”.

I don’t care anymore. What matters is I’m here.

To stay.
Get used to it.

{ indie 616 rp for Marvel's alison blaire. tracking tag: #lightengale}

rules verses nav
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       Yeah, well — I figured it was time to stop by.
       Been busy for a little while; went back to Unova
       to visit some old friends. You can stop crying over
       me now, though. I’m back.

          missed having someone to taunt as they got their
          ass kicked by some up and coming Baroness, to
          be honest. How was Unova, though? Hopefully you
          didn’t terrorise too many children this time.

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            What a surprise to find you in
             the PR video studio, Brandon.
              No seriously, I haven’t seen you
               in the Chateau for days.

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Happy 36th Birthday, A.J. Cook, July 22, 1978! (◠‿◠)

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Criminal Minds Characters → Jennifer Jareau

There are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept; things we don’t want to know, but have to learn, and people we can’t live without, but have to let go”

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     Wow, you really did get
     more bitter with age.

        —And more beautiful, whilst
        you just grew facial hair to
        hide your insecurities.

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You know you have my support and any help I can offer.
                          I have the school to worry about, students
                          who depend on me to protect them. I was
                          hoping safety for young mutants would be
                          an issue you would address. We’ve seen
                          enough senseless death already.

    Of course, safety for all mutants if of 
    high priority. Though, we are thinking
    of new measures we can put in place
    to safe guard the next generation, though,
    it would be hard to enforce without registration
    and I completely want to avoid having to rego
    the Mutant Registration act, that was horrific enough
    the first time around.

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like for hte starter

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       I was curious about how you were planning on addressing the issue. I’ve been working with several lobbyists and pro-mutant politicians for years now and I thought I could offer some assistance. 

            I’ve also been talking to several  people with a history in
            mutant politics, but any help you may have would be

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     You’re older than me!

          You’re uglier than me,
           do you want to continue?

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